Free Murder Mystery Games

If you like solving clues, riddles and puzzles – then you’re probably interested in murder mystery games too. There’s something so exciting about looking at evidence and methodically working out who the killer is. I’ve always been a fan of crime shows and detective books, and murder mystery games are sort of an interactive version of these.

Here at Print Mysteries, we create high quality unsolved murder mystery cases that you and your friends can print and enjoy at home. We make them challenging but fair. And we provide useful clues on our website, so if you’re having a bit of brain fog – you can still enjoy one of our mysteries right to the end. The best part about our murder mystery games is that we also include puzzles in every one. So, there are a variety of things that you’ll need to solve to get the complete story.

You can try out a mini murder mystery completely free right here:
Free Murder Mystery Games

1. The Appeal of Mystery Games

Mystery games have always been around in one form or another. They let players become detectives and solve complex puzzles, without needing to deal with all the gore that comes with the real thing.

You also don’t have to deal with any real-life drama. All the stories are completely fictional. This means that we can steer the story in very unexpected ways, and fill it with twists and turns.

Free Murder Mystery Games Unsolved Cases

2. Themes and Settings

One of the best things about murder mystery games is that they can be located anywhere. You can have them based in home, on a hiking trail, or even on a cruise ship. Every game we create uses a new location and we’ll find innovative ways to include aspects of that setting into the puzzles themselves.

3. The Joy of Solving Puzzles

At the heart of every murder mystery game are the puzzles that challenge your deductive skills. Free murder mystery games are designed to be both challenging and fair. We want you to get an idea of what you can expect from a full mystery, but we’ll make sure that the solution makes complete sense.

4. Accessibility for All

The best part of free murder mystery games is their accessibility. They’re available to anyone with an internet connection and a device to play on. We want everyone to experience these types of games and expand the community. Simply download the game, and you’re ready to go. While it is easier to complete this game when it’s printed out – it is completely playable directly on your device – as long as the screen is big enough – laptops, tablets, etc.

5. Date Night

These games are perfect for date nights. It’s fun working together to try and solve a case. Murder mysteries are perfect for 1-6 players. So you can use them on double or even triple dates. Or, you could get the family involved and make a game night out of it.

6. Where to Find Free Murder Mystery Games

Print Mysteries offers a free murder mystery unsolved case to anyone that signs up for our newsletter. We hate writing emails, so you’re not gonna get many of them, but you will get discounts and notifications whenever a new mystery is out. And, of course, any free mysteries we create will be sent straight to your inbox.

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Free Murder Mystery Games

Free murder mystery games let anyone take a crack at a professionally created case, and see if they enjoy them. It’s just a small taste of what our larger cases are like. With a full case, you’ll get more twists, more evidence, more puzzles, and more red herrings. We like to keep things fresh and fun. So, download your free murder mystery game today, and see if you have a knack for solving the unsolvable.