Top 10 Best 1920s Costume Ideas

Top 10 Best 1920s Costume Ideas: When I throw a 1920s party for a murder mystery, or just for fun, I don’t want to spend a fortune trying to find good looking costumes. There are lots of options that are wallet-friendly, but also unique. You can get glitzed and glamoured up with some of these ideas and you’ll be the talk of the party.

1. 1920s Gangster

One of the classics is to emulate notorious figures of the Prohibition era with a simple pinstripe suit, a fedora hat, and a tie or bowtie. You can also throw in a pocket square and a carnation for elegance.


1920s Gangster

2. 1920s Glam Gangster

For a more glamorous gangster look, just use a white t-shirt, braces and a scarf. You might already have some of these in your wardrobe. You could also add a faux fur coat, a wide-brimmed hat, and some jewelry to glitz it up.


1920s Female Gangster

3. 1920s Flapper Dress

Flapper dresses are a staple for any 1920s-themed event. If you don’t have one already, find one with layers of fringe or beading. Then finish it off with a feathered headband, some pearls, and T-strap heels.


1920s Flapper Dress

4. 1920s Shawl

Sequined shawsl are the perfect accessory to drape over your shoulders for colder months. If you choose one with intricate art deco patterns, it will complement your flapper dress or evening gown.


1920s Shawl

5. 1920s Hollywood Gown

The old Hollywood look is very elegant. It’s easily put together with a floor-length gown made from satin or velvet. Look for ones with draping, beading, or metallic accents to exude elegance.


1920s Hollywood Gown

6. 1920s Evening Gown

You can’t go wrong with an evening gown. It is ideal for any formal 1920s affair. Add in a pair of long gloves and an ornate headpiece to complete the look.


1920s Evening Gown

7. 1920s Good Time Charlie

A Good Time Charlie outfit with a striped red vest will give off a charming and sophisticated look. You can pair it with a white shirt and black trousers. The red stripes pop out amongst the usual black and white colors in the room.


1920s Dapper Gentleman

8. 1920s Newsboy

For a more working class look, simply grab a newsboy cap, suspenders, and a button-up shirt. Throw on some high-waisted trousers and a pair of leather oxford shoes to finish the look.


1920s Newsboy

9. 1920s Detective

A classic detective look is simple with a trench coat, a tailored suit, and a fedora hat. You can also add a pipe, a magnifying glass, or a faux leather briefcase as accessories.


1920s Detective

10. 1920s Beach Clothing

For a fun alternative, try out some of the beachwear from the 1920s. These are high-waisted shorts or wide-legged trousers paired with a nautical striped top or a linen shirt. If you can get a hold of a straw boater hat and round sunglasses – you’ll have the complete beach look.


1920s Beach Clothing

Top 10 Best 1920s Costume Ideas

The 1920s was a standout era for a lot of good and bad reasons. And it continues to live on in 1920 parties that are being thrown around the world. You can go for the elegant and extravagant look or something more working class, and still look incredible. Your personality will guide you toward the best option for you. Check out these 1920 costume ideas and I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your event. Enjoy!