Murder Mystery: Hiking Trails of Betrayal Clues


Nathaniel ALWAYS takes the same route. According to Cheryl, when does he only take a different route?

There is an item missing from Nathaniel's belongings. What is it?

Check out the Facebook post. Not the photo - the post.

Sandra has some interesting things to say. Something there might be helpful

Tree Notes! Brad and Nathaniel like leaving secret codes on trees. Where have we seen a tree?

There's a tree in the Facebook photo that has writing on it.

There are 3 words on every line. On the 4th page of the notebook, there's a cipher that tells you which words to look at.

The first words are: Trail A

Look closely at those photos...

Doesn't that artwork in Sandra's hands look familiar?

Check the newspaper from earlier...

The newspaper shows a photo of stolen artwork...

The email has colors over some letters. This might be important.

The notebook has a rainbow. Perhaps those are the colors you need?


Those invoices might have something interesting in them...

Look at that new camera that Nathaniel bought

What type of camera do we have in evidence?

Have you checked the notebook?

This is a Pigpen Cipher. Match the symbols to the corresponding letter. For example whenever you see a square shape, it can be replaced with an S while a square shape with a dot in it will be replaced with an O

The first word is JULIUS

Does the paper and handwriting look familiar?

In the note, there's a phrase "Pretty Little Girlfriend". I've seen that before...

One of the suspects was out of town

Check the dates on the photographs...

Who took the photographs?

Brad says that he lost his phone and notebook while out drinking...

The poaching business is very profitable. Anyone involved in it would be making a lot of money.

Someone's alibi doesn't account for the time when Nathaniel was murdered...

Who could have reached Nathaniel in the time before they were spotted again. Remember the spot you're looking at is on Trail A at the TOP OF THE CLIFF.

Cheryl is the one you should be looking at.

1. Dark Blue (one stop)

2. Yellow (one stop)

3. Light Blue (one stop)

4. Yellow (one stop)...