Murder Mystery: Harmony Seascape
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He was having an affair with Linda Jacobs.

According to his WhatsApp message with his friend, he had an affair with a waitress from another town.

William is from Pincecrest according to his incident report, but goes to Belmont every week for a meeting (according to his work schedule).

According to Max Thompson, Linda used to work as a waitress, and Linda mentioned in her interview that she is from Belmont.


Nina Johnson poisoned William.

1. She knew he would be on the cruise because he was featured on the brochure that she threw away. She received the brochure a month before the cruise.

2. Linda had been researching poisons for her next murder mystery novel. According to Max Thompson, Nina has taken an interest in Linda and her books. She likely used her to get ideas about the best way to use poisons.

3. Linda mentioned in her interview that Nina and William had lunch before coming to the cocktail party. He did not eat or drink anything at the party because he had a stomach ache and had vomited earlier, according to Michelle Patrick. He most likely was poisoned by Nina at lunch.


It was administered through oral ingestion as this would cause vomiting according to the toxicology report.

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You've Solved It
Martin Ramirez murdered William Harrison.
The scribbled note left as the crime scene belonged to the killer. It matched the handwriting of the two notes dropped by the person seen leaving William's cabin. In one of those notes, the killer confesses. The folded note mentions a number of places that the murderer visited on a specific date. Using the Weekly Planner (and photo), Staff Work Schedule and the information from Gloria Miller, we are able to work out who wrote the notes.
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