Murder Mystery: Harmony Seascape (Solved)

William’s Murder

After calling Martin in again and confronting him with his notes, he finally starting talking. He was obsessed with Linda and wanted revenge on the man that had treated her so badly. Apparently she had confided in him about William in the past, and he was aware of that he was on the cruise that week. His obsession with Linda led him down a dark spiral, resulting in the brutal murder of William Harrison.

Martin used his master key card to access William’s room to confront him. When he spotted him in the bathtub, his fantasies of revenge took hold and he hit William in the head using a full bottle of whisky that he was carrying to drink later. He then sat down in the cabin and wrote his final note, completing his dark fantasy. In his clumsy state he dropped a crumpled note in the room, and the others slipped out his pocket outside while throwing the whisky bottle overboard.

Police did find spyware on the crew’s shared computer, but there is no evidence that it was placed there by Max. The current theory is that Martin placed it there to keep track on everything that Linda did online.

William’s Poisoning

Nina was arrested for poisoning William. She spent a lot of time with Linda to learn everything she knew about poisoning someone and getting away with it. Although Linda had done thorough research, Nina was unable to execute it properly. It’s still not conclusive whether she did only want to make him sick, or if she was trying to kill him – and failed.


Linda has since released a new murder mystery novel. In it, a suave women on a cruise ship convinces passengers to carry out revenge for her by killing off another passenger. She retains that it is purely a work of fiction. It became a bestseller.

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