Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download: At the end of a good murder mystery party – you normally hand out award certificates. These certificates are a fun way to award participation. Sometimes it takes a little competition to get everyone more invested. They’re also a nice keepsake to remember the night. Most good murder mystery kits will come with some award certificates in them, but if you’re making your own murder mystery then you’ll need to rely on an online template. These templates are also great for those who want to personalize these certificates even further – as you can change the text, font, colors and anything else you want to.

I like giving awards for ‘Best Detective’, ‘Best Costume’, and ‘Best Actor’.

Free Murder Mystery Award Templates

We’ve created a number of award templates that you can edit and use for your next murder mystery. These templates are made in Canva – which is a tool that makes editing anything super simple. It’s work in your browser so you can use it on any PC or Mac. There’s also a Canva app that you can download for your tablet if you prefer to do your edits while mobile:

Award Certificate Templates

Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

Designing Your Own Murder Mystery Award Certificates

If you want, you can design your own murder mystery award certificates. It will involve a little effort, but once you’ve got a template ready – you can use it for every party you host. If you’re using a website like Canva to create your awards, then there may be some award or certificate templates that you edit. This will give you a really good base to start with, so you won’t have to begin from scratch.

Start by looking at the theme of your murder mystery to decide how you’d like your awards to look. You can use images such as detective silhouettes, magnifying glasses, mysterious figures, etc. to make your awards stand out. Your colors and fonts should also match with your theme to give it a more polished look. I like using type-writer style fonts for historical murder mysteries, and bold, vibrant fonts for modern ones. You can also use historical terminology to match your themes, and make it feel more authentic.

Benefits of Using Award Certificates

Some people find it difficult to get into the whole pretend part of murder mysteries. While they might be a little timid at the start, you can usually get people more involved when you make it competitive. If they know that there’s awards given for the best detective, best dressed, etc., they are much more likely to participate more and step further out of their comfort zone.

Another great reason to use award certificates is that they are easily customized. This means that you can add specific details about your event, about your guests, or add in-jokes to it. You can change it to perfectly suit your event and the people involved. It will also be something that they can frame in their home to remind them of your event. I like to add a bar of chocolate or something similar to make it into a complete prize.

Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

At the end of a murder mystery, after the votes are counted – you’ll need to announce the award winners. It’s one of the big highlights of the night where everyone can see who the best detective is, or who put in a bit more effort with their costume. It adds a bit of suspense to the end of the night. Award certificates aren’t just a piece of paper, they are the prize that encourages participation and acknowledges the effort everyone put into making the event a success.

You can find some easily customizable murder mystery award certificates here.