Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

At the end of a good murder mystery party – it’s common to give out award certificates. These certificates are a fun little gesture of appreciation for your guests’ enthusiastic participation, and they also serve as a lasting memento of the night’s adventure. Most good murder mystery kits will come with some award certificates in them, but if you’re making your own murder mystery then you’ll need to rely on an online template. These templates are also great for those who want to personalize these certificates even further – as you can change the text, font, colors and anything else you want to.

Whether you’re recognizing the ‘Best Detective’, applauding the ‘Best Costume’, or awarding the ‘Best Actor’, these certificates are sure to bring smiles and add a memorable twist to your event.

Free Murder Mystery Award Templates

We’ve created a number of award templates that you can edit and use for your next murder mystery. These templates are made in Canva – which is a tool that makes editing anything super simple. It’s work in your browser so you can use it on any PC or Mac. There’s also a Canva app that you can download for your tablet if you prefer to do your edits while mobile:

Award Certificate Templates

Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

Designing Your Own Murder Mystery Award Certificates

Designing murder mystery award certificates involves a creative blend of theme-consistent visuals, fonts, and wording that captures the essence of your event. Start by selecting visuals that complement the era or setting of your mystery. The style of a Victorian murder mystery would differ from a modern-day detective story. Possible imagery to use could include classic detective silhouettes, magnifying glasses, mysterious figures, or vintage borders.

You can also choose fonts that reflect the time period of your theme, such as elegant script fonts for a 1920s gala or bold, typewriter-style fonts for a noir detective theme. The wording should be equally thematic, with titles and descriptions that echo the language and mood of the party, adding to the authenticity and charm of the certificates.

When creating these certificates, the goal is to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and clarity. The design should be eye-catching but not overly busy, ensuring that the key information – the recipient’s name, the award title, and the date (if included) – stands out. Utilize color schemes that match your party’s decor, creating a cohesive look and feel. If you’re not a design expert, don’t worry – you can use our free online templates as a base that can build off of. With these customizable templates, you can easily drag and drop your chosen elements, tweak colors, and edit text to make the perfect awards for your party.

Benefits of Using Award Certificates

Using award certificates in a murder mystery party offers a unique way to enhance guest engagement and create lasting memories. These certificates serve as a strong reminder of the participants’ efforts and contributions. During the game, it also encourages everyone to fully immerse themselves in their roles when that competitive edge kicks in. For those who might initially be hesitant or less inclined to participate actively, the prospect of winning something can serve as a gentle nudge to get more involved. Furthermore, these certificates become cherished keepsakes that guests can take home to remind them of the fun and excitement they experienced.

Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download

Announcing the winners at the end of the evening is usually a highlight for everyone. It’s a moment of suspense and celebration that complements the evening. Overall, award certificates are not just simple pieces of paper; they are tools that enhance the overall experience of a murder mystery party, encouraging participation, acknowledging effort, and leaving everyone with a sense of accomplishment and a lasting token of an unforgettable event.

Award Certificate Templates

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