Top 10 Prizes for your Murder Mystery Party

Murder mystery prizes are used to reward some of your guests at the end of the evening. You can award them for a variety of things – solving the hardest clues, for their acting skills, for the best costume, etc. These prizes will give all of your friends something to work towards.

Most murder mysteries come with award certificates to hand out to winners, but if you want to add something a little extra for your winners, here are 10 really fun and affordable prizes for your murder mystery party.

1. Keychain with Detective Motifs

For something small, low-cost, but meaningful – a keychain with detective motifs makes for a perfect prize at a murder mystery party. It’s a small but memorable keepsake.

Keychains with Detective Motifs

Your keychain could use classic symbols like magnifying glasses, fedoras, or shadowy figures to commemorate the evening. It’s something that your guests can carry with them day-to-day to remind them of their detective work that was central to the murder mystery. It’s a very practical prize, but it also acts as a lasting memento of a very fun night.

Keychain with Detective Motifs

2. Murder Mystery Unsolved Case File

What could be a better gift for a murder mystery party than a murder mystery unsolved case file. These types of cases can be completed by 1-4 people, so the winner can enjoy it in their own free time.

Murder Mystery Case Files

These cases are filled with intriguing details of an unsolved mystery, complete with clues, witness statements, and cryptic evidence. This is the perfect gift for the person voted as the best detective/best guesser. It celebrates their investigative skills and also gives an exciting new puzzle to solve. This prize is perfect for anyone who enjoys a good challenge. They’ll get to piece clues together and solving puzzles in the privacy of their home. It also sticks close to the detective theme.

A Fatal Ruse

3. Pocket Watch

A pocket watch is a very unique prize at a murder mystery party. They are beautiful to look at, and it’s very unlikely that your friends will have one of their own. These functional timepieces are symbolic of an era often depicted in murder mystery stories.

Pocket Watch Options

Awarding a pocket watch to one of your guests — perhaps to the best actor — will definitely get your guests to participate more. Be sure to mention what’s up for grabs at the start of the night or perhaps even on the invitation, if you’ve planned well in advance. Pocket watches have intricate designs and a vintage appeal that makes it a memorable mystery piece that they can use daily.

Pocket Watch

4. Wine Bottle with a Custom Label

A wine bottle with a custom “Murder Mystery” label is a very memorable prize for a murder mystery party. This unique prize lets the winner enjoy a nice bottle of wine while getting to keep the empty bottle as a memento of the event. You can purchase wine of your choosing from your local store and simply use a Canva template to customize a wine label to fit your event.

Custom Wine Label Template

Because it is editable, you can add the theme of the party to the label, or even the date that it was held. This will make it a way more personalized and thoughtful gift. It’s a nice mix of luxury and nostalgia. The winner can go home and toast to their success in solving the mystery with every sip.

murder mystery wine labels

5. Sherlock Holmes Hat

Awarding a Sherlock Holmes hat as a prize at a murder mystery party is a fun nod to the classic detective genre.

Sherlock Holmes Hats

The instantly recognizable hat is a quirky prize that would work best for the person voted Best Guesser. The player that uses their deduction and observation skills to solve the clues deserves something memorable. The Sherlock Holmes hat could also be used by the winner in future murder mystery game night or at other costume parties. It’s a prize that leaves a touch of mystery long after the murder mystery is over.

Sherlock Holmes Hat

6. A Puzzle Book

Giving a puzzle book as a prize at a murder mystery party is a very thoughtful choice. It gives the winner another opportunity to solve some fun puzzles.

Best Puzzle Book Options

This type of prize gives the winner months of enjoyment. You can choose from a variety of puzzle books that the winner can relax with. You could choose from brain teasers, riddles, sudoku, logic puzzles, etc. This prize also gives the winner a chance to hone their detective skills further.

Puzzle Book

7. Detective Pop Socket

A Detective Pop Socket is the most modern prize on this list. You won’t soon forget the murder mystery party when it’s stuck to the back of your phone.

Detective Pop Socket Options

What are pop sockets? They’re simply a plastic piece on the back of your phone that gives you a better grip. It sits flat against your phone/phone cover and pops out to become wider. There are many detective-themed designs with a magnifying glass, a Sherlock Holmes silhouette, etc. that will fit in perfectly with your theme. It’s the perfect prize for the guest who cracked crucial clues or brought a tech-savvy approach to solving the mystery.

Detective Pop Socket

8. Detective Throw Pillow

For something fun and useful that they can display in their home, a detective throw pillow is an excellent prize for any murder mystery party.

Detective Throw Pillow Options

You can choose from a variety of detective-inspired designs like magnifying glasses, shadowy figures, or classic detective quotes. It’s a useful prize that will add a touch of mystery to their homes. I have a couple of these myself and they always spark conversations and fond memories of my events.

Detective Throw Pillow

9. Detective Mug

The detective mug is a classic gift that you really can’t go wrong with. You can find a lot of unique mugs with various detective quotes on them.

Detective Mug Options

These prize mugs can be taken to work or replace mugs that the kids are always breaking. I have one in my office that I use to hold my pens. I’m reminded of my events every time I see it.

Detective Mug

10. Mystery Novel

One of my favorite gifts for a murder mystery party is a classic mystery novel. It’s fits with the mystery them, and as you well know, there’s nothing better than a good book.

Mystery Novel Paperbacks

You could go for an Agatha Christie novel, a Sherlock Holmes adventure, or any other renowned mystery classic. You might even find a new mystery author for yourself.

Mystery Novel

10 Prizes for your Murder Mystery Party

If you want to add a little extra to your murder mystery prizes – you can’t go wrong with these options. Each of them has a connection to puzzle solving or mystery, and are all very memorable tokens of an exciting evening. These prizes for your murder mystery party don’t cost too much, so you won’t have to break the bank to pick up any one of them.

And if you need customizable templates for your invitations, check out what we have available here: Murder Mystery Award Certificates Free Download